• Before Operating a Bridge Overhead Crane

  • Bridge Overhead Lifting Machine

    Since bridge overhead cranes are a heavy-duty lifting equipment, usually bear large responsibility materials, different elements of the crane, such as the electric parts and safety systems may suffer broken or cluttered, when starting work with a crane, the operators will assess every part of the crane seriously, for safety performance sake.

    • Please check on the joints of the crane steel wire rope, not or whether it’s in accord with the rules.
    • Please inspect whether the fuel oil and cooling water are enough if operating the crane.
    • Please inspect the glider foundation, if that’s the case, while it’s loose or maybe not, please use soil or wood cubes supporting the crane feet.
    • Please inspect the nearby operating environment, while it’s appropriate for your own crane working or not.
    • Please assess the loading substances and their weights, also avoid overloading.
    • Please leave a safety room between your lifting stuff and the overhead bridge crane.

    Get Proper Bridge Overhead Crane Training

    When the bridge overhead crane is being operated by an operator the rules you should care for are:

    Only operators are allowed to step in the sign region.
    Crane operators must strictly adhere to the crane commanding indicate rules, any kind of alarm signs learned, the operator will stop the crane instantly.
    After the crane working stops, the crane materials shall not be dangled out of the sky.

    Please ring the alert clock, let them off the space whenever there are people in the crane working space. And a limit shall be kept in by the lifting space.
    There must have professional commanders to control the surgery after exactly the materials are hoist by two overhead cranes. And the weights of all the lifting stuff shall never overpass 75 percent of the crane weight.
    Free landing surgeries can only be utilized when trimming the hook or any time the frozen load is less than 30 percent of the strain. It is forbidden to apply emergency braking in a freefall.

    In strict accordance with the needs of the strain table, prohibit overload.
    Swing functioning, do not emergency prevent, to stop violent swinging objects dangerously. If not turning, the brake will be secured.
    When the key and additional arms are wholly lengthy, the arm angle shall not be less than the minimum angle given in the guidelines for use to be able to prevent the injury of an overturning of the vehicle.

    The crane speed needs to be slow when driving near the encounter. Replacing the scene stop in the place of stop emergency switch instead of an ordinary switch, switch.

    It should really be slightly off the ground to test dangling, confirm the dangling good braking, then increased functioning, when lifting much tonnage object. Don’t operate three controllers manages at exactly the exact same time.
    You got to take urgent measures when the operation because of sudden failure caused hanging slippage.

    Fully retract the boom, and fixed in accordance with regulations and placed on the mount, lifting the hook, brake turntable.
    Compliance with the regulations also fixed and legs to recover the legs.
    Place the control handle in the “0” position to turn off the ability.

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