• Crane Operator Certification Deadline Postponed Twice in Four Years

  • Crane operator certification deadline has been postponed twice in four years since back in 2013, OSHA was on the brink of requiring a certificate for most operators of cranes with more than 2000 pounds raising capacity by November 2014. That included the operators of heavy equipment service vehicles, tire changing trucks and many fabric delivery trucks–virtually everybody having a little crane within the construction industry.

    Crane Operator Certification Deadline Postponed Twice in Four Years

    At the last minute, OSHA chose to postpone the judgment on November 10, 2017, But then again, on November 10, 2018, OSHA said Evaluation and Documentation Requirements for Mobile Crane Operator Certification will become Effective Feb 07, 2019.

    Five good reasons why you’re better off having your operators trained and trained now, instead of waiting for the 2018 deadline.

    1. Should you wait until the last minute you wouldn’t have enough time to be certified.
    2. Employers have a duty to train, and why not see whether that training has been effective in analyzing and testing.
    3. You are probably paying high insurance fees if your operators are not certified.
    4. You’re likely missing out on projects with employers who really do have certified operators.
    5. And ultimately, it is the ideal thing to do.

    “The safety benefits that accrue from professionally developed, an accredited certification that has been available now for two or more decades are so compelling, it simply does not get any sense to delay embracing it each day longer,” Brent says.

    To learn more regarding the benefit you can go to All Purpose Crane Training‘s website here.

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