• Employer Rents And Delivers Cranes

  • An employer rents and delivers cranes to job sites. When this employer rents a crane for use on a construction site and one its employees is required to move the equipment on or off of the transportation trailer, must that employee meet the requirements of the cranes standard?

    No. An employee only delivering equipment to a construction site would not be engaged in a construction activity when, for example, the employee merely moves the equipment on and off the transportation trailer at access roads or areas adjacent to the construction site. Under general industry standard at 29 CFR1910.180(b)(3), the employee designated to move the crane on and off the trailer must be qualified to operate the crane. In general, a rental company must meet the requirements of the construction cranes standard when employee performs activities specified in the crane standard such as assembly/disassembly, hoisting, or traveling from place to place on the worksite.