• National Accredited Mobile Crane Operator Certification

  • National Accredited Mobile Crane Operator Certification

    We prepare mobile crane operators to take the national accredited written test and practical test here at OSHA Crane Training. We also provide to others and major companies Nationwide throughout the United States with crane certification training.

    We ensure an accredited crane certification that meets OSHA latest standards and regulations. Our crane school does training for all types of cranes and sizes whether it is on-site or off-site training and certification.

    Crane Certification Renewal

    Crane certification renewal is also known as re-certification, for operators who have a certification that is expired.

    Refresher training or crane certification renewal course for small, medium and large cranes in construction or the crane industry.

    Registering for Recertification Call Us At 888 501-1355

    Upon registering for recertification and successful completion, the certification card will be valid for 5 years.

    For re-certification, the operators need to have proof of 1000 hours around the crane or on the crane to recertify. Then sign up for a written test through our accreditation.

    Please visit our contact page call us today at (888) 501-1355 toll-free to schedule for recertification or a refresher course.