• Signalperson CFR 1926.1419 (a)

  • In 29 CFR 1926.1419 through 1926.1428. Other requirements related to signal persons can be found at 29 CFR 1926.1404, 1926.1430, 1926.1431, and 1926.1441. These provisions are effective on November 8, 2010.

    When is a signal person required?
    A signal person is required when:
    • The point of operation is not in full view of the operator (1926.1419(a)).
    • The operator’s view is obstructed in the direction the equipment is traveling.
    • Either the operator or the person handling the load determines that a signal person is needed because of site-specific safety concerns.

    What does a signal person need to know?
    The signal person is considered qualified if he or she:
    • Knows and understands the type of signals used at the worksite.
    • Is competent in using these signals.
    • Understands the operations and limitations of the equipment, including the crane dynamics involved in swinging, raising, lowering, and stopping loads and in boom deflection from hoisting loads.
    • Knows and understands the relevant signal person qualification requirements specified in subpart CC (1926.1419-1926.1422; 1926.1428).
    • Passes an oral or written test and a practical test.

    Signalperson CFR 1926.1419 (a)

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