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The standard requires that rigger be a “qualified rigger” to perform a certain task. What qualifications must a rigger possess to be a “qualified rigger”?
Does a certified operator also meet the requirements of a qualified rigger?
If an operator has a state or local crane operator license, is the operator employer in compliance with OSHA’s standard when operating within the licensing jurisdiction?
How does an employer know whether an organization is an “accredited crane operator testing organization” and therefore qualified to certify operators?
How long is a certification by an accredited crane operator testing organization valid?
I plan to hire a new crane operator. An applicant for the job was certified for the equipment by an accredited testing organization while working for another employer. May I rely on that individual’s certification?

Please note that a qualification by an audited employer program or by the U.S. military is not portable. Additionally, if the operator is certified under a state or local licensing program that meets the specifications in 29 CFR 1926.1427(e), the certification is only valid within the boundaries of the state or locality that issued the certification.

Does an operators certification mean that the operator is qualified to operate any type of equipment covered by the standard?
Who besides crane operators and riggers, are affected by Subpart CC?
Does the final rule require construction crane operators to be certified or qualified?

Yes. By November 10, 2014, all equipment operators (except operators of derricks, side boom cranes, and equipment rated at 2,000 pounds or less) must be certified/qualified under one of four specified options. These options are:

Certification by an accredited crane operator testing organization;

Qualification by an audited employer program;

Qualification by U.S. military; or

Licensing by state or local government entity.

Where the scope of the final rule exempts equipment from all requirements of Subpart CC, operators of that equipment are not required to be certified. Operators of this equipment are still required to be qualified in accordance with other applicable requirements of 29 CFR part 1926 as applicable, such as subpart o, Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment, and Marine Operations, and the general training experience requirements of 1926.20(b)(4).

Fed OSHA new rigging standard?

1926.1401, 1926.1404, and 1926.1425 – qualified rigger